Excellent Service

Mary Jane Gomez and her business partner, provide visa services including assisting foreigners to apply for a Philippines Special Resident Retiree’s Visa (SRRV) with the Philippines Retirement Authority (PRA). Their office is in Makati and so they are particularly well placed to assist with applications at the main PRA office also in Makati.

Over the years, both Mary Jane and her business partner have developed highly useful contacts and relationships. In particular, her business partner actually worked for the PRA for some time and is thus very familiar with their people and processes.

Mary Jane charge a small fee in addition to any PRA required fees. For this fee SRRV applicants may expect the following services:

– Advice on the specific type of SRRV to be applied for
– Advice on documentation requirements
– Collection of draft documents for initial PRA review (done electronically)
– On the day of application:
– Pick up from Makati hotel and transportation during the half a day (approx) required
– Collection / presentation to the PRA of hard copy, authenticated documents and application form
– Assistance with payments to PRA
– Transportation to/from medical checkup
– Return to hotel
– Where necessary, assistance with tourist visa extension (from 30 to 59 days). All being well the SRRV can be approved and finalized within 59 days.
– If required, introduction to a Philippines bank for the purpose of opening a local bank account
– Monitoring PRA process progress
– On the day of SRRV issue
– Pickup/transportation
– Assistance with final SRRV/PRA documentation at PRA

In the case of my own application, these services went fairly smoothly. Jane’s business partner’s knowledge of PRA people really helped when an initial document reviewer did not understand the difference between US and British Armed Services documentation. Her business partner was able to refer the question to another person who did have the correct understanding. His input saved me a significant amount of PRA deposit and meant that I would have a much smaller annual fee.

With Mary Jane and her business partner’s assistance, my SSRV application was fairly straightforward and took less than 30 days from the day of application to the day I picked up my passport. Probably the most difficult thing for me was the preparation and authentication of documents in Canada!

Mary Jane and her business partner are very pleasant and easy people to interact with. Their contacts, knowledge and services are well worth their fee and their service is excellent. I have no reservations in recommending their services to others.