Wonderful services…

This is a good website. Great services as well. Keep it up, Jane!

Ken Nakamura

Thank You!

I used Mary Jane Consultancy services for help with my SRRV. Jane made the complicated visa process very quick and easy for me. Jane arranged all the details and followed through. Communication was great.
Anybody using Jane’s company for Visa services will find the experience professional, and done correctly. I highly recommend her services.
Thank you Jane!

Joseph Clementi

Efficient Professional Service !

In 2018 i used Mary Jane services to apply for the SRRV and had a positive outcome. Dealing with the administrative systems in the Philippines can be very time consuming and tedious. The efficient handing of the application by Mary Jane consulting and taking me to various different locations that you have to travel to including doing the medical was stream lined to be completed in under a day. If i had applied by myself i’m sure it would have taken several days or longer, not only because i wasn’t so familiar with Manila but also the locations we went to were pre-selected for one reason or another to ensure a speedy service. Before i used Mary Jane services i asked a lot of questions and she replied to them clearly, promptly and honestly in English. I know there are other free/paid services around but do your research to find out what suits you. There may be hidden costs and you also need to apply for the visa extension, as it will take up to 5-6 weeks to process the SRRV application and you need to be in the Philippines, so the 30 day tourist visa isn’t enough. In my case i was glad to have used her services as it saved me time. Somebody who knows the system process is a real bonus especially in the very administrative intense Filipino system. I would certainly recommend her services, especially if you are not familiar with Manila or don’t have too much time on your hands. It could also save you getting white hairs or pulling your own hair out if you are not used to the Philippine system.

Fil Lim

superb service

I would like to thank Jane very much for the superb service from start to finish in my classic retirement visa application . A truly 5 star stress free service. Thank You!

charles ward hedden

Jane Gomez is very professional. Obtained SRRV in one month in Sept 2018.

Putting down 20 grand for a SRRV Classic. You want someone that is professional and very trustworthy. When you send someone an email or text, you would like a prompt reply. I got that from Jane. When you get to Makati (Manila) Jane has a van and a driver and takes you where you need to go. Namely the PRA office in the Citibank Tower and the Commerce Bank.

Jane has been doing this for over 10 years and will be there 15 years from now.

p.s I recommend staying at the Valero Grand Suites by Swiss-Hotel (about $75 a night). It is just down the street from the Citibank Tower.

Gregory Tucker
United States

to korean who want make SRRV

to korean who want make SRRV
i was cheated in making SRRV before. after that I met Mary Jane. Mary Jane Consultancy services for help with my SRRV. Jane made visa process very quick. the price quite so reasonble. so I really appreciate her knidness so when her husbans and colleague (they are policeman) come to korea I treat them. if some koean want make SRRV you can ask to her she will help. if you can,t speak english well e mail me I will inform you well. as of now I m living in korea npollo@naver.com
ps her husband is lucky guy.

loe pollo

wonderful service for srrv

I met Jane 5 years ago,she service me for all the precedure of the Srrv ,I got the srrv only 4days,so that i had no need to wait for long time in manila!Jane also can support me to create the bank account and support me to renew the ID card!So now Jane is my best friend in PH。


Excellent Service

Mary Jane Gomez and her business partner, provide visa services including assisting foreigners to apply for a Philippines Special Resident Retiree’s Visa (SRRV) with the Philippines Retirement Authority (PRA). Their office is in Makati and so they are particularly well placed to assist with applications at the main PRA office also in Makati.

Over the years, both Mary Jane and her business partner have developed highly useful contacts and relationships. In particular, her business partner actually worked for the PRA for some time and is thus very familiar with their people and processes.

Mary Jane charge a small fee in addition to any PRA required fees. For this fee SRRV applicants may expect the following services:

– Advice on the specific type of SRRV to be applied for
– Advice on documentation requirements
– Collection of draft documents for initial PRA review (done electronically)
– On the day of application:
– Pick up from Makati hotel and transportation during the half a day (approx) required
– Collection / presentation to the PRA of hard copy, authenticated documents and application form
– Assistance with payments to PRA
– Transportation to/from medical checkup
– Return to hotel
– Where necessary, assistance with tourist visa extension (from 30 to 59 days). All being well the SRRV can be approved and finalized within 59 days.
– If required, introduction to a Philippines bank for the purpose of opening a local bank account
– Monitoring PRA process progress
– On the day of SRRV issue
– Pickup/transportation
– Assistance with final SRRV/PRA documentation at PRA

In the case of my own application, these services went fairly smoothly. Jane’s business partner’s knowledge of PRA people really helped when an initial document reviewer did not understand the difference between US and British Armed Services documentation. Her business partner was able to refer the question to another person who did have the correct understanding. His input saved me a significant amount of PRA deposit and meant that I would have a much smaller annual fee.

With Mary Jane and her business partner’s assistance, my SSRV application was fairly straightforward and took less than 30 days from the day of application to the day I picked up my passport. Probably the most difficult thing for me was the preparation and authentication of documents in Canada!

Mary Jane and her business partner are very pleasant and easy people to interact with. Their contacts, knowledge and services are well worth their fee and their service is excellent. I have no reservations in recommending their services to others.

Chris Ryan

Thanks for the professional service

Mary Jane informed me about all the necessary documents to be prepared upfront so me and my family had everything ready to submit our application when we landed to Manila. We were guided and accompanied for every step (Bank, Clinic and immigration office) so we have received our SRRV visa smoothly. Thanks for the professional service.

Alexandre Rogers

Excellent service and administration

Mary Jane provided great service to me for the SRRV application. It helps that she is extremely friendly, very knowledgeable and she process a large number of applications from international passport holders every year. She know the staff at PRA and are conversant with all the ways to avoid the bureaucracy should you try to obtain the visa yourself. As such she offer a value for money service that will save you a lot of time. She is polite courteous and very responsive. Similarly to other reviewers here, she provided excellent assistance and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her. There are other marketers around, and I spoke to a few of them before I decided that Mary Jane would be able to handle my application the most professionally. Which she did. Thanks Mary Jane!

Martyn S

Good and a hassle free service

Hired Jane and her team for my SRRV visa application.
Everything went smooth and hassle free. Can recommend her service.

Beat W.

A very efficient and trustworthy service.

I have used Jane’s visa consultancy to commence arrangement of a retirement visa for the Philippines. I have found this service to be very efficient and very trustworthy. I will have no hesitation in using Jane’s visa consultancy for all matters pertaining to my visa and official business related to such matters in the future. It is difficult for someone inexperienced in these matters to navigate the requirements for such visas. So for the consumer it is wonderful to have someone such as Jane who will take care of all of the details of such matters for a very reasonable fee. Thank you, Jane.

Duncan McKenzie

Fantastic!!! – They Made it Easy and Stress Free

Mary Jane Gomez’s Visa Consultancy service was fantastic. Ms. Jane is there with me every step of the way. I am very busy running my business from the US so I told Ms. Jane how I needed to have my time in the Philippines very organized as I could not stay for extended times. They took care of everything so I could focus on my business and not deal with the hassle and stress of the application process. Moreover, they were very personable about what the SRRV can do for you and explained very clearly what you need to be knowledgeable about. I highly recommend them so they can make the process run smoothly.

Harold Kinoshita, CPA
United States

Outstanding Customer Service and Support

I search the entire internet trying to find an agent that could represent me obtaining my SRRV. When I cam across Jane’s Visa Consultancy site and facebook page I was immediately impressed by the professionalism of the site, though they are a bit outdated it was very professional and explain her services very well. After reading the testimonial on the site, I decided to send a inquiry into her services and she responded right away answering all my questions and what sold me the most on her service was her fee and the fact she insisted that I not pay the fee until, I was in the Philippines and had met with her and her associate.
I have found this service to be very efficient and very trustworthy. I will have no hesitation in using Jane’s visa consultancy for all matters pertaining to my visa and official business related to such matters in the future. It is difficult for someone inexperienced in these matters to navigate all of the red tape that the Philippine Government puts you through to obtain such visas. I mean Jane and her associate literally walk with me every step of the way to opening my Certificate of Time Deposit at Bank of Commerce, and my medical clearance. It is of a great benefit to have someone such as Jane and her associate who will take care of all of the details of such matters for a very reasonable fee. Thank you, Jane.

Derek M

Fantastic service, friendly and professional!

We made a wonderful experience with Ms. Jane. The whole visa process with her was smooth and easy and we can highly recommend her to everybody who is looking for a friendly and professional visa-service in Manila. Ms. Jane exceeded all of our expectations – thank you for your help and friendliness!

dietmar and alena

Professional, efficient, excellent service & fast response

Highly recommended, the whole process was made easy. Mary Jane will walk you thru the process step by step and hassle free. Very fast in email response, usually within one day. Very good follow-up even after the application. Fees were more than reasonable, I would have paid much more for this type of professionalism.


Tommy Huang

Terrific Service!!

I would like to say that the Mary Jane Gomez Visa Consultancy provided me with outstanding service! I wanted an SRRV and Mary made the process simple and efficient! When I lost one of my original documents that I needed for my application (a background check from USA), Mary quickly offered a solution! It involved getting a clearance from the Philippines NBI agency. If you’ve ever tried to go to the main NBI office in Manila, you know that there are LONG lines and it can be very time-consuming. Mary made arrangements ahead of time and knew exactly how to move me through the processing stations there, so that we saved a TON of time compared to people who are less familiar with the processes there. Additionally, Mary is always helpful… even after I got my SRRV. I’ve messaged her on a couple of occasions and she is always happy to respond with helpful information. I can’t say enough good things about Mary and her agency. The service was a tremendous value to me and I STRONGLY recommend her to anyone seeking an agent to help with SRRV applications, renewal, etc…

Todd A
United States

Excellent ,Trustworthy service and very trustworthy

I highly recommend Mary Jane Consultancy service to anyone in the Metro Manila area to assist in obtaining a SRRV.
Ms Jane is very knowledgeable, experienced and honest. They made the SRRV process effortless. They explained in detail the process and made certain that all of my documents were accurate and complete so I had results.

Aaron Frazier
United States

Recommendation Letter for Mary Jane Gomez Visa Consultancy 

Dear Mrs. Gomez,

I would like to thank you once more sincerely for your exceptional work
and professional assistance during the whole process of my application
for a Special Resident Retiree’s Visa SRRV.

I had the good fortune of contacting your Visa Consultancy in Manila
from abroad which allowed me to prepare all the necessary documents
in advance before meeting you personally in Manila.

The appointments with the medical clinic, the Philippine Retirement
Authority and the bank have been arranged diligently and each
procedure has been well communicated.

I highly appreciated that your office picked me up at the hotel and
brought me each time to the different appointments in the mega city
of Manila. An extraordinary service for all foreigners who are visiting
Manila the first time.

Mrs. Gomez long time experience in Immigration Law and
dedication to her job was an integral part of the successful completion
of my SRRV application.

The modest fee “Mary Jane Gomez Visa Consultancy” is asking for
their immigration services is a significant contribution to everyone
who is decided to live in the Philippines under the advantageous
Retirement scheme.

With well earned respect, I highly recommend Mrs. Mary Jane Gomez as she’s
very knowledgeable in Immigration Law, truly dedicated and with her excellent services.

Markus W. Probst



Markus W. Probst

Cancellation of SRRV

Mary Jane has helped me with the cancellation of my SRRV and with the withdrawal process. She has done an excellent job and I recommend her legal services for anyone considering an honest and professional attorney in the Philippines.

Andreas Madsen Hammer
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