Our Quality Service

A. Before you arrive in the Philippines, we can already assist you such as:

  1. Provide information regarding required documents to be prepared by you in your country.
  2. Review your documents (prepared by you) and confirm with PRA for acceptance.
  3. Confirm arrival of your money to PRA account in DBP (Development Bank of the Philippines) or opening your own account for remittance for other accredited banks.
  4. Answer for any other question regarding SRRV and clarify with PRA if necessary.

B. Upon arrival in the Philippines

  1. Assist and attend to you for your medical certificate.
  2. Opening time deposit and obtain Certificate of Time Deposit other than DBP.
  3. Apply SRRV in your behalf.
  4. Follow up issuance of SRRV and inform schedule to appear at PRA to receive SRRV.
  5. We can arrange issuance of SRRV in Satellite offices of PRA (Cebu City, Baguio City, Davao City, Subic or Angeles City).

C. We will assist you also to obtain NBI clearance in case you have stayed more than one month in the Philippines upon application of SRRV. Extension of entry visa(30days) in case SRRV order won’t be issued upon expiring entry visa. And all other required documents depend on the status of your application.

D. If you agree on everything mentioned, please sign the attached Notice of Client Registration and send scan copy together with a copy of your passport and filled up Application Form. We will prepare required documents before your arrival in the Philippines.

E. Please give us advance notice of your arrival schedule in the Philippines as well as the meeting place and time. We will meet you and accompany you going to PRA for payment of application fee and annual fee and clinic for medical examination. We will keep your Original Passport for application of SRRV, and will provide you instead a copy of your passport with entry stamp.