Application of Special Resident Retiree’s Visa (SRRV)

Provide assistance of SRRV application for a reasonable service charge. Retirees shall shoulder actual expenses such as PRA Visa application fee,  Medical Certificate, transportation, etc.

Other PRA Application

Assist on the PRA application such as ID renewal, conversion of time deposit to actual investment, cancellation of SRRV, etc. Those applications can be made without attendance of retiree’s also but some application needs the presence of Special Power of Attorney(SPA) duly notarized and/or authenticated by Philippine Embassy in the country of origin.

Other Visa Application

Assists in the extension of tourist visa, application of quota visa, non-quota visa (13a Visa).

Set-up of Company

Preparation of required documents and application to SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission), open bank account, application to BIR (Bureau of Internal Revenue), Mayor’s permit and business license at DTI (Department of Trade and Industries).


Assist in purchase or lease of accommodation by preparing or reviewing the contract together with the withdrawal of time deposit of PRA.

Other Services

Assistance in the application of AEP (Alien Employment Permit), Animal Import Permit, divorce and other consultation.  Immigration problem processing.