Outstanding Customer Service and Support

I search the entire internet trying to find an agent that could represent me obtaining my SRRV. When I cam across Jane’s Visa Consultancy site and facebook page I was immediately impressed by the professionalism of the site, though they are a bit outdated it was very professional and explain her services very well. After reading the testimonial on the site, I decided to send a inquiry into her services and she responded right away answering all my questions and what sold me the most on her service was her fee and the fact she insisted that I not pay the fee until, I was in the Philippines and had met with her and her associate.
I have found this service to be very efficient and very trustworthy. I will have no hesitation in using Jane’s visa consultancy for all matters pertaining to my visa and official business related to such matters in the future. It is difficult for someone inexperienced in these matters to navigate all of the red tape that the Philippine Government puts you through to obtain such visas. I mean Jane and her associate literally walk with me every step of the way to opening my Certificate of Time Deposit at Bank of Commerce, and my medical clearance. It is of a great benefit to have someone such as Jane and her associate who will take care of all of the details of such matters for a very reasonable fee. Thank you, Jane.