Update: November 2020 | PRA Advisory on COVID-19

Update for November 2020

1. GCQ was extended up to end of November for National Capital Region but there are slight relaxing of rules that are implemented such as shorten the time for prohibition outgoing, age limit for elder and child (20 below and to 60 above is now 18 below and 65 above) who are not allowed to go out, Restaurant are allowed to entertain and to provide meal in the table inside, Hotels are allowed to operate, etc. SIRV and 47(a)(2) visa holder are allowed to enter the Philippines.   

2. PRA suspended the issue of SRRV for polishing of rules and regulation of SRRV especially age limit (35 above) due to suspect of numerous young Chinese that are working at POGO (On line Casino) illegally with SRRV.
(Refer to the attachment.)

3. PRA is requesting SRRV holder to fill up Member Information Registry within Oct 19, 2020, therefore urgent action is requested.

Notice to All SRRV Holders:

The Philippine Retirement Authority (PRA) is currently updating its member information registry. As an ISO 9001:2015 certified GOCC, our Quality Management System incorporates this initiative as one of our Information System automation projects which aims to improve service to SRRV holders. This will also serve as a platform to update policies, projects, programs and other activities. It is hereby required that ALL SRRV holders visit this link https://pra.gov.ph/wp-content/uploads/2020/10/MEMBER-INFORMATION-REGISTRY.pdf to access/fill out the mandatory form and email at SRRVmember@pra.gov.ph not later than October 29, 2020. Thank you. PRA MANAGEMENT


President Rodrigo Duterte decided to continue GCQ (General Community Quarantine) for NCR (National Capital Region) for another month (Oct. 1 – 31, 2020). Certain restriction for operation of Public transportation, Government offices and Restaurants, etc. will be continued. No face-to-face classes in school, only online classes are allowed and elderly and children are prohibited to go outside their residences. PRA is open with 50% employee and work capacity and strict appointment needed ahead of visiting their office.

Travel ban for foreign nationals are still in effect except for spouse of Filipino national even they have long term visa such as SRRV, 9g, etc. However, PRA issued advisory for SRRV holders who needs urgent entry to the Philippines, they will be allowed if endorsement from DFA (Department of Foreign Affairs) obtained and PRA will assist for it. Please refer to the attached Advisory.


1. Lock Down of Metro Manila was relaxed to GCQ from ECQ since Jun 01 and most of the public and private offices have started operation however Restaurant, Movies and like are still closed. (Refer to attached notice by IATF)

2. Foreigners are still not allowed to enter the Philippines. (Refer to attached notice by Bureau of Immigration.)

3. PRA opened on June 08 under the New Normal Operation. (Refer to attached two advisories.

You can download here the PRA Advisory regarding the current global crisis which is the Corona Virus Disease or COVID-19.

Summary of those are as follows 

1. SRRV is valid during Enhanced Community Quarantine and Retirees in the Philippines can continue to stay in the Philippines. However entering to the Philippines is prohibited except for spouse of Filipino citizen even possessing SRRV.

2. PRA office is totally closed and all pending processing is on hold. Passport will be kept with PRA and will not be released to Retirees.

3. Foreigners are allowed to go out of the Philippines and move to Airport but they have to find the way of commuting by themselves.

Note: The period of Enhanced Community Quarantine is March 15 to April 12 originally, however it was extended up to April 30 according to the announcement on April 07.

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