Assistance with SRRV application

We first contacted Mary Jane two years ago when we first started to plan our retirement in the Philippines. Through out the period when we couldn’t travel due to Covid she kept in touch with us and advised us on any relevant matters. When we were finally able to apply for our EED she was a great help in reviewing the forms and documents that needed to be submitted on line and enabled us to be sure that we had included all the information that was required. Once we arrived here Mary Jane arranged for the submission of the paper copies of the application forms and supporting documents to save us having to travel to Manila to deliver them to the PRA ourselves. When our SRRV was issued Mary Jane organised our appointment at the PRA to collect the document and our passports and she met us at the PRA office and led us through the process of finalising the application and signing the various forms that were required. Throughout this whole process going back for two years we have always found Mary Jane to be extremely helpful, very knowledgeable regarding the SRRV process, and prompt at responding to our questions. altogether a very professional service and one we would have no hesitation in recommending to others.

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