Jane is a rockstar !

I am very pleased to share my experiences and successes thanks to Jane.

Approximately 2 months before I arrived in the Philippines, I was searching online for SRRV and retired scientists and also visa agents. Google sent me to Jane’s website, which had a reference to an SRRV category for retired scientists, engineers, and others. This category of visa, the Expanded Courtesy SRRV, was referenced on her website as PRA Circular 102 dated Jan 15 2013. In that document that she had posted, I learned that the Philippines has incented the retirement of those who can bring ideas and professional experiences to the Philippines, and which also offered such a visa for a bank deposit of only $US1,500 (versus the typical $10-20k deposits).

I immediately reached out to her to help me apply for this category. At the time, she said I was her first retired scientist and she had, up to that point, not processed such a visa category with PRA. However, I felt very confident in her experience in navigating the PRA processes that she would make it happen. We began working together while I was still in the US to ensure all the requirements for the visa were properly completed, including PRA documents, how they were filled out, getting the apostillation of each document. She promptly and diligently reviewed everything that I sent her and even helped intervene when my bank had a wire transfer problem on the funds. Once I arrived in the Philippines, she met me at my Airbnb, picked up my passport along with the original apostilled documents and began the process.

From the time that the documents were provided to PRA, things moved quite quickly for my visa approval, even though the Philippines had just reopened following the COVID pandemic here. Thanks to the pre-work and review she had done prior to my arrival plus her advice, this visa was approved within 1 month. I give her high marks for great service and focus, and she now has her first retired scientist not only as a client, but as a friend.

Thank you Jane.

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