SRRV applications in these strange pandemic times

I cannot emphasize enough the need for foreigner’s wishing to apply for a Special Residence Retirement Visa, (SRRV), retiring in the Philippines to use a marketer for their application. My recommendation is to use the marketer services of Mary Jane Gomez Visa Consultancy. The knowledge and impressive services that this Visa Consultancy has and advice on the Visa application and updates with regard to the ongoing issues around the current pandemic, it is important to obtain and understand the constant changes that are happening when applying for the SRRV, especially about updates about travel to the Philippines, types of Visa requirements, (30 day tourist versus a 9a Visa), (Walk in’s to SRRV offices are not permitted as I write this and I would not encourage walk-in applications), the need for quarantining, durations expected to be in Philippines while the SRRV application is going through the approval process. My experience to date with communications and interaction with Mary Jane Gomez Visa Consultancy has been exceptional. I am in my retirement planning stages and I am communicating with Mary Jane Gomez Visa Consultancy to assist with queries and ultimately to handle my application in the near future. I encourage everyone intending to apply for the SRRV to make contact and utilise the services this Visa Consuntancy has to offer.

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